Q&A With Our New Boarding Housemaster Tom Browning-Stamp

Q. Where did you work before coming to Chafyn Grove?

I started my teaching career in Bristol teaching at a Primary school. Following teaching in the UK, I spent 10 years working abroad. I have been lucky enough to live and work in Kazakhstan, Germany and Mongolia. During this time, I have had many different roles in leadership as well as teaching across many year groups. When I returned to the UK in 2021, my wife got a job at Sandroyd where I worked for two terms before starting at Chafyn Grove.

Q. What are you looking forward to most about the role?

I am looking forward to sharing adventures with the boarders and discovering a new pastoral role. I am looking forward to providing a safe place where boarders are supported and encouraged to do their best in life while being a caring citizen.

Q. What are the benefits of boarding at Chafyn Grove?

The benefits of boarding at Chafyn Grove are that we are an exceptionally flexible, welcoming and warm place to be. We have a great mixture of regular weekly boarders as well as full time boarders and odd night boarders. The boarders enjoy a variety of evening activities throughout the week as well as extra support with prep, additional lessons and support in organising their schedules.

Boarders benefit from small numbers in dorms where they can take charge of their personal space, accept responsibility and have a strong pupil voice. We have a Head Boarder who supports the younger pupils and provides a key bridge from staff to pupil.

Q. Do you have any exciting plans or changes for the boarding house that you can share with us?

I would like to use our weekends more to explore the local community and events that it offers.