Old Chafyn Grovian Association

Our school has a long and distinguished history and heritage and we are keen to continue to build on this as the years go by and as former children, staff and parents move on from their time here at Chafyn Grove. 

There are many ways to continue to support Chafyn Grove and we would be delighted to keep in touch with each and every one of you. 

Join the OCGA

We are delighted to have the OCGA back up and running in its new form and we look forward to welcoming the OCGA back very soon. All OCGA are invited to join our network. The OCGA is a fantastic way of reuniting past with present Chafyn Grovians and a way to ‘give back’ to Chafyn Grove whether this be through donations of time, funding, ideas etc. 

Through the OCGA you will be able to:

  • Keep up to date with Chafyn Grove – OCGA newsletters and also via annual school magazine
  • Stay connected and reconnect with peers via various events which will be held throughout the year
  • Form network with Old Chafyn Grovians
  • Keep us updated with key news and achievements after life here at Chafyn Grove
  • Help inspire current pupils

If you are not currently a member of the OCGA please click here to be taken to our online form. In addition, we invite you to join our OCGA Facebook page here.


Give back 

There are various ways to give back to Chafyn Grove from sponsoring events, speaking to current children and also through financial assistance with our hardship fund. 

As a school we help where possible to help fund families through Chafyn Grove who wouldn’t be able to do so without financial assistance and have therefore recently set up a hardship fund where anyone is able to contribute this. 

To find out more information about how you can help Chafyn Grove financially, please get in touch with our bursary – bursary@chafyngrove.co.uk



Current Parents and Friends of Chafyn Grove

As a school we rely a lot on our current parents and friends of Chafyn Grove. The purpose of this network is to:

  • Foster a close relationship between parents and our school
  • Bring together parents and friends for social events
  • Help raise funds for the benefit of our current children
  • Help with the marketing of our school and promote positive awareness of Chafyn Grove

To find out more please click here. 

If you would like to find out more information about the OCGA or share some information we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Kate Baxter our Development Manager  kbaxter@chafyngrove.co.uk