We put pupil wellbeing first

Wellbeing is woven carefully into all aspects of our provision. Everything we do is built upon the quality of relationship between our teachers and pupils. Those insights enable us to shape an environment of understanding around each child. The tenet of Enjoyable Challenge requires that we are continually assessing that children are experiencing the right balance of stretch and enjoyment.

Certain features of our provision are designed to support this directly. Chafyn Champs is a mentor scheme, where older children support younger ones in tasks or activities, from reading together to swimming alongside them in the pool. Our annual wellbeing week provides a retreat from the usual pace and encourages a re-examination of our habits and practices. Those lessons then extend into the rest of the year in mindfulness or coping strategies. We have a resident Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) as well as access to a range of counsellors. Residential trips and excursions exercise and extend these aims further. Above all, these are not discrete ventures – wellbeing depends and thrives on blend and balance. Greater detail can be found in our Wellbeing policy.

Chafyn has a considerate and caring culture; wellbeing deserves to be at the heart of every good school.

To view our health and wellbeing policy Pupil Health and Wellbeing Policy


Ensuring the welfare and safety of our pupils at Chafyn Grove School is our top priority.

Although at Chafyn Grove we a dedicated safeguarding team, we see your childs welfare as everyone’s responsibility. All our members of staff have a duty of care to safeguard our children and have been given regular training to enable this. Our staff are then supported by our dedicated safeguarding team. 

If anyone does have a concern about the safety or welfare of one of our children, there is a duty to report this concern. Concerns should be reported to one of the Safeguarding team:

Lynsey Hearsey – Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) – lhearsey@chafyngrove.co.uk, 01722 333423

Faith Martin – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) – fmartin@chafyngrove.co.uk, 01722 333423

Stewart Bell – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) – sbell@chafyngrove.co.uk, 01722 333423

To view our Safeguarding Policy, please click here.

Medical Needs

The whole school is cared for by a dedicated team of Paediatric First Aiders as well as a qualified nurse. The health centre is permanently open and the team are on hand to deal with day to day bumps and bruises through to general illnesses. 

Our nurses are also on hand to speak to parents about any concerns and upon starting the school all children are accessed for any health concerns/ allergies and dietary requirements are passed on to the catering team and shared with all staff.

The role of our medical team goes far beyond just making the children better and they are always there to talk to the children and provide much needed TLC when children are tired or just generally having a bad day.

In addition to this care, our boarders have their own Matron who is available out of school hours. Our Matron takes on the role of Mum for our boarders and is always there to help when feeling ill, provide extra comforts when the children are missing home and most importantly ensure your children are happy.