“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on”

The teaching of Art plays a crucial role within the curriculum at Chafyn Grove. Pupils today learn as much through visual images as they do through words and our Art Department is well loved throughout the school. The children benefit from exploring a wide range of approaches to painting and drawing, to pottery, sculpture, textiles, print-making and more. At Chafyn we recognise that all children have Artistic potential and we see it as our role to build their creative confidence.

At Chafyn, pupils throughout the school enjoy an extended session each week of Art, Craft and Design. There are also further opportunities to explore more specific crafts during our bi-weekly Activities afternoons. As pupils go up through the school they gradually have access to explore woodwork, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics. As well as encouraging the development of craft based skills, we aim to encourage pupils to analyse, evaluate and discuss works of Art. In design they will be encouraged develop a visual appreciation for how things look and the way they are made.

The Art Department has specialist areas including a personalised studio for our scholars, a pottery studio and a woodwork room. The Department also works to build strong relationships with galleries and Museums particularly those in the surrounding area.

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