“The pastoral system at Chafyn is of the utmost importance and as such forms the very heart of all we do here for the children”  

Form Tutors

Form tutors are the 1st port of call for both children and parents.  They are with the children for at least a year (sometimes 2 years at the top of the school), and are the day-to-day contact between school and home.  Tutors keep in close contact with parents, and parents should feel they can come and chat with tutors about their child’s life here at Chafyn, whether it be about lost kit, sports matches, celebrating an important event, library books or if their child is finding something tricky.

Head of Year


Head of Year is the next step of our pastoral system.  Heads of Year work closely with tutors, and run the pastoral and celebration assemblies, and are the representatives of their year groups within the pastoral group of staff.




Pastoral Deputy Head

The Pastoral Deputy Head, Lynsey Hearsey, has responsibility for the wellbeing and pastoral life of all the children at Chafyn Grove.  She is also the DSL (designated Safeguarding Officer) and the Wellbeing Lead.  She runs the ‘Pastoral Group’ once a week, where concerns, changes, successes involving children are discussed and actions implemented.  She also runs the ‘Pastoral Briefing’, which teaching staff come along to.

Mini Eights

Mini Eights is our vertical tutoring system.  This happens once a month roughly.  Children are grouped across 3 year groups (Y3,4,5 and Y6,7,8) in their Eights (Houses).  Shared stories, games, competitions, crafts, current affairs and mindfulness make for a diverse set of activities! 

Wellbeing Week

Chafyn Grove runs an annual Wellbeing Week.  Whilst the wellbeing of our school community is thread that runs through all we do, we do give wellbeing special consideration during this week in May.  We use outside speakers to come and talk to staff and children about ways to improve and maintain our wellbeing, and run all sorts of activities across the year groups.  Wearing slipper in class is always popular!