Welcome to Chafyn Grove

About Chafyn Grove School

Chafyn Grove is a school of over 200 boys and girls, between the ages of three and thirteen. It is set on the edge of Salisbury in its own spacious grounds, with both the cathedral and the local countryside within walking distance. Chafyn children enjoy excellent facilities, first-class teaching and unrivalled opportunities.  


Headmaster’s Welcome

I hope our website gives you as many pieces of our narrative as possible, which can combine to give you the clues you seek as to what distinguishes us as a school from others. 

Click here to read the welcome from our Headmaster, Simon Head and to find out what makes Chafyn Grove School unique.


Aims of the school 

  • Chafyn Grove aims to provide an environment of enjoyable challenge for boys and girls from 3 to 13 years old.
  • We believe that it is vital for children to experience a wide range of opportunity, to discover their strengths and learn from their weaknesses.
  • It is important that there is breadth, depth and balance in our provision to achieve this aim. This is crafted from high-quality, meaningful relationships between each pupil and their teachers.

Enjoyable challenge

Chafyn Grove aims to provide an environment of enjoyable challenge for boys and girls from 3 to 13 years old. Too much challenge is stressful, too little is dull. In between exists the essence of a first class education, achieved by high quality relationships between staff and pupils and a breadth of opportunity. The latter aspect is a key component of our success: that each child discovers their strengths. We hope that all of our children will develop habits and attitudes which will serve them throughout their education, through school and life. As well as building on strengths, it is also healthy for our children to encounter areas of relative weakness, and learn from them too. Our provision sets out to exercise Curiosity, Courage and Compassion, enabling our children to explore all of their potential and develop it.


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‘Chafyn Grove pupils bring that sense of aspiration and curiosity for learning which are very much at the heart of a Canford education. They arrive fully prepared academically with an enthusiasm for co-curricular life, a sense of purpose and a generosity of spirit.’ Headmaster of Canford