We are a school that prides ourselves on healthy eating and ensuring our children get a balanced diet. 

Our catering team cooks up a huge variety of nutritious meals and the menu changes on a regular basis. Several options are provided to our children for their lunch and lunch also includes a salad bar and a hot snack area providing options such as jacket potatoes/ bagels/ soup.  The salad bar is monitored to ensure all children has at least one choice of vegetable on their plate. Puddings range from the children’s favourite ‘Chafyn sponge’ through to yoghurts with different toppings and fresh fruit is available throughout the day.

Evening meals are provided for our boarders and for those on the late list and again this follows the above principles – fresh healthy food and a variety. 

Dietary requirements are all catered for and our catering team are made aware of any new requirements from both new and existing children. 

To view our pre-prep winter menu, please click here.

To view our prep winter menu, please click here.