Small class sizes aid with the academic success of a child because they..

  1. Allow more one-on-one time with the teacher 
  2. Create a more cohesive class culture
  3. Encourage pupils to be more engaged
  4. Enable the teacher to manage discipline better
  5. Facilitate teachers to form better, more personal relationships with the children
  6. Promote a better environment for collaboration
  7. Mean the quieter child does not get forgotten
  8. Help children to get quality feedback from their teacher
  9. Give teachers the opportunity to uncover strengths and weaknesses of the class 
  10. Offer social benefits amongst students, allowing them to interact more deeply.

We agree with Peter Blatchford, Professor of Psychology and Education at the UCL Institute of Education. He states: “Careful moment-by-moment systematic observation of pupils shows that class size affects the amount of individual attention pupils receive, and their engagement and active involvement in class.”

However, the real evidence comes from our own parents. “I can’t believe how well you know my child,” is something our teachers often hear at parents evenings.

And for us, that’s the greatest proof.