Top Five Reasons Why Years 7 & 8 Are Best Spent in a Prep School

Eights Leader shirts and ties. Trips. Prefects. House Captains.  Scholarship and Common Entrance preparation. Buddy system.  And more…

Whether an 11+ or 13+ entry to senior school is right for your child is a tough decision for any parent. Here at Chafyn Grove, we have listed our five top reasons why we think staying the final two years are so important. 

  • Confidence and Personal Development – At Chafyn Grove, we welcome children up to the end of Year 8. The transformative effect of a 13+ environment cannot be understated, allowing pupils in Year 7 and 8 to flourish as champions of the Prep School. At a time of physiological change, we firmly believe that children of this age do best when leading a school instead of sitting on the bottom rung of the ladder. Our Year 7 & 8 pupils mature into well-rounded young people, more confident and socially aware and better equipped at 13 to face the rigours and demands of senior school, than they are at 11. “Year 8 pupils in Chafyn Grove develop strong leadership skills and contribute positively to the school community” Independent Schools Inspectorate.
  • Pupil Perks – Once pupils reach the top of the school in Year 8, they have exclusive access to areas of the school that younger pupils are not able to enjoy.  A Year 8 common room with sofas, table tennis table and a pool table can be enjoyed at break times and toast is available to all: which has proven a huge hit! The school uniform is also tweaked for Year 8 with Eights Leaders being able to wear a shirt and tie that distinguishes themselves from others lower down the school.
  • Leavers Programme – Making the move to Senior School at the end of Year 8 can be celebrated and marked as a momentous moment in such a special way. Once Common Entrance exams are over, we offer a jam-packed leavers programme, full of fun! Year 8 embark on a busy schedule of residential trips, team building, leadership exercises and physical challenges. Such life skills prove valuable for the next stages of their education journey.
  • Experience Boarding Life – Some children are natural boarders but for some, the idea of living away from home is unbearable. By staying in Prep School until 13, it allows children the time and opportunity to experience boarding life within a smaller boarding house than that of a senior school. At Chafyn Grove, children are cared for and nurtured in a more child-friendly environment before they become more independent at senior school where there will have increased responsibilities and surrounded by older students. Trying boarding in Years 7 or 8 prepares your child so they know what to expect before becoming a boarder in Year 9.
  • Allowing Our Children To Stay Young Longer – Young people these days are seeing and hearing more than they ever have and having constant access to social media, films and YouTube, means that life at this age group has become intense. Remaining in Prep-School for Years 7 & 8 allows children to stay children for a little bit longer. Years 7 and 8 offer the chance to grow up before the full impact of adolescence, two crucial years in which to live in a child’s world before being pulled into a world of young adults. Wellbeing of older children is even more important than ever and a passionate team of pastoral leaders is imperative to supporting mental health. “Pupils feel safe and secure at Chafyn Grove through a strong culture of wellbeing promoted by the staff. Pupils remarked on the positive value of having a school dog on their mental health.  Independent Schools Inspectorate.




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Year 8 Leaver


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