Chafyn Grove and the F3 Project

For those of you with an eagle eye, you may have noticed the construction of a new vegetable garden by the side of the Astro pitch. Chafyn Grove has generously donated this patch of land to Salisbury Food Bank to develop into an allotment. After a number of unsuccessful applications to other establishments, we were delighted to be able to help, enabling fruit and vegetables to be grown, which will then be given to local families who are struggling financially. Our Headmaster, Simon Head was never in doubt “Both in principle and practice, this is a venture we are proud to support – and it is important that we do so.”

The F3 Project is the name of the organisation and the aim of this community program is to “provide free fruit and vegetables for those whose diet has been adversely affected by the steep rise in the cost of living”. As well as this, other objectives include:

  • Increase awareness of good nutrition to maintain health
  • Introduce young children to growing their own food
  • Advise adults gardening for the first time
  • Lead by example how to cope with climate change
  • Garden sustainably with only a positive influence on the planet

Mark Brandon who was involved with the  Secret Garden is now involved in the F3 Project and it is being set up meticulously with a supervisory group of people to ensure the project remains on track. Chafyn Grove has also been on hand to help set up the project – erecting a shed, clearing up the land ready for sowing and building the raised beds. 

For more information please visit The F3 Project  and to read the full article in The Salisbury Journal, please click here.